Registering for this program and logging in with your AARP membership provides members several perks. There is no annual fee, so come on over to the MyAARPMedicare Login portal now!


Seniors target many free offers that come in prizes or a reward for their hard work. I am not an expert on these things, but it seems like most young people do not take kindly to anyone who is 45 and younger trying to get something from them without working for it themselves. If you ask me, though, there’s no better feeling than being rewarded with some prize after putting in all your time and effort!

AARP members have the opportunity to use points that never expire. There are many rewards available, and membership time can’t be shared with another My AARP Medicare member.

My AARP Medicare Rewards

My AARP Medicare Rewards is the website for all your healthcare needs. With various features, you can find what you’re looking for on the MyAARPMedicare Login site and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time! The best part? It’s free with membership. You’ll need a login ID & password assigned when registering; use this URL:

A membership with AARP United Healthcare is free, and you can win rewards without a fee. To get started, log in at the MyAARPMedicare Login portal to find out more about your benefits!

MyAARPMedicare is different from other Medicare plans because it also offers additional benefits such as rewards. If you’re an AARP customer, we can help with the following tips on how to take advantage of these new and exciting perks!

Reward points not only save you money, but they also enter the portal from time to time in live auctions and sweepstakes on the site. Using these rewards for discounts or offers of successful brand results, users can find a healthier lifestyle within their budget.


What’s the AARP Rewards Program?
AARP Rewards Program is an online reward and recognition program that you can join at no cost.

Is it free to sign up for AARP rewards?
AARP Rewards Program is free to join; however, you will need an AARP membership number.

Do I have to pay for a MyAARPMedicare membership?
No, AARP rewards are free of charge! Just take some time out of your busy schedule and complete the timed tasks to earn points which you can use to redeem rewards and discounts.

Can I see my progress as soon as I complete a task?
Yes, AARP Rewards Program will issue an immediate confirmation of completion for each task that you’ve complete

How many points are worth the $ 10 reward?
The actual value of the award depends on the reward. AARP Rewards Program has many offers that you can choose from, from one or two points and up to $ 10 rewards.

Can I redeem my Rewards for Good Points at any time?
Yes! Your points can be redeemed immediately after earning them.