Merit Points

The AARP is a website that offers rewards for good points. However, you must register on the site before opting in to earn MyAARPMedicare awards. If not, your details will not be saved, and no reward can be given when tasks are completed at the official online portal!


Log in with your MyAARP account to find webinars, tools, tests, and more. You’ll earn Rewards for Good badges from AARP United Healthcare if you complete these contests along the way! Specific bonus points are awarded for each contest completed. They will be attributed to your personal MyAARPMedicare Login account as soon as possible after completing a contest or event.

Registering at will earn you points and rewards for every day that passes! You can also get a reward point on the 100th birthday of your membership program with AARP. So if you’re already enrolled in their member programs, what are you waiting for?

The tasks are a great way to earn points for completing something that might not be especially enjoyable. There’s the potential of earning more than one point per task, and there is an option with each task as to how often you can do it again daily, weekly, or monthly depending on what the individual wants.

MyAARPMedicare Accessibility

Can I use AARP Merit Points for anything?

– AARP Points can be used for gifts and merchandise.
– You cannot use them to pay your bill.
– One point = 1 dollar, but we dont give cash back for points

What is the best time of day to redeem points?

We have a member service desk at AARP which is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 10pm. Members may come in during these hours to redeem points for gifts.

How long do the points last?

The program runs on an annual basis, so each December all unused points are reset. That means any point unredeemed after 12/31 is gone.

Any points that are redeemed by the 15th of December will be removed from your point balance as a part of our routine maintenance. If you redeem any points on Dec 17 or later, they will count towards next year’s eligibility for prizes and gifts.​

How do I redeem my gift card?

AARP provides the gift card. You simply call us to place your order at (800) 444-8677 ext. 3 and we’ll take care of everything for you!

What else can I get with my points?

We have an assortment of merchandise, including household goods, apparel, travel gifts and memorabilia.