AARP Health Insurance

AARP is an organization that offers many services to people over the age of 50. These services include health insurance. AARP can provide their health insurance in most states, but there are some that they don’t service.


The AARP has been in the health insurance niche for about two decades. It is a not-for-profit organization that assists with social security benefits. It assists with MyAARPMedicare and Medicaid coverage. The AARP offers members access to discounted prescription medications and discounted rates for life insurance. It also helps members find affordable health care policies that suit their needs.

About AARP

AARP is an American nonprofit organization with a focus on aging. It provides information and services to retired, the children of retirees, and anyone who is or might become an older adult. AARP offers insurance coverage to people age 50 and up. The proposal includes that people should have access to affordable healthcare even if they are not employed. People under the income guidelines set by the United States could also receive assistance with their premiums for their health care policies.

AARP Healthcare Plans

AARP’s HMO plans offer essential coverage for people over the age of 50. This usually includes prescription drugs and doctor’s visits but will depend on your particular plan. This also consists of an annual physical, diagnostic testing, hospitalization, and outpatient services. AARP can provide you with various plans depending on your needs. They offer five different options that are explained below.

1) AARP Select

AARP offers five plans that range in coverage, with AARP Select being the most basic plan. The doctors and hospitals are located in your area. This is usually the lowest cost option for people who only require essential healthcare services. It doesn’t include dental care, vision, or hearing benefits.

This may include some pricing options depending on where you live, such as Obama care, Medicare Advantage, Private Health Insurance.

2) AARP Medicare Complete

This plan is aimed at people who already have Medicare Part-A and Part-B coverage but need additional medical coverage to supplement it. You may also want this if you are covered by another insurance provider’s prescription drug benefit with a high deductible or no copayments for medications.

3) AARP Medicare Complete Select

This plan includes everything that the regular Medicare Complete does, but it also covers dental and vision care. This is a good choice if you want to save some money by enrolling in both insurance plans together. It can also help pay for hearing aids and oral surgery that is part of your medical plan but not covered by Medicare Part-B.

4) Freedom From Choice Plan

AARP’s Freedom from Choice Plan offers all of the coverage that your other health insurance policies have at any given time (excluding life insurance). This means that you don’t have to switch or add new policies when you get new medical benefits, dental care, or vision care because it will be part of your main health care plan.

5) Medicare and AARP Plan 1

This is a healthcare policy with the same coverage as Medicare Part-B, but it also allows you to get prescription drugs from AARP at a price reduction. The cost will depend on where you live, how much medical care you require, and what part of the country you live in. You can get extra money if are low income, so talk with an agent about this option.

AARP Medicare Plans

AARP can also offer Medicare plans for those who want only essential medical services instead of dental or vision benefits. 

This includes outpatient treatment, home healthcare, durable medical equipment, and hospice and palliative care. These plans include AARP’s Freedom From Choice Plans, Medicare Complete, and Medicare Complete Select. They also have prescription drug coverage so that you can get help with paying for your medications, or you can join a low-cost discount drug program.

Features of AARP Health Insurance

  • AARP health insurance offers a variety of plans that can cater to your needs. It also includes access to their trusted caring doctors, hospitals, and facilities. You will avoid waiting times for services or procedures because you are receiving care from these reputable providers.
  • Another feature is the many low-cost prescription drug options that AARP has available to its members so they can get help with paying off some of their out-of-pocket expenses. This program may pay up to 35% towards your medications, but it depends on your chosen plan.
  • Any extra money that AARP helps you get for paying for your prescriptions or healthcare services may be tax-deductible depending on how much money you make annually, so be sure to keep track of all receipts during the year.
  • AARP offers health insurance benefits for people of all ages, such as Medicare Select plan, AARP Medicare Complete plans, Freedom from Choice Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), AARP Dental Accident Insurance, and Vision Care Plans. With AARP, you will enjoy access to medical care that’s not only close to home but is also affordable since they have discounts available for members with low income and resources.
  • AARP offers Health Insurance Preferred Provider (PPO) options that will allow you to choose from any one of their local providers. This helps members enjoy more flexibility when choosing the right doctor or hospital. Still, it also allows them to save money because most of these providers have discounts available through insurance companies like AARP.
  • If you were previously covered under Medicare Part-B, this PPO plan covers those same services. Still, it also includes prescription drug coverage and discounts for vision, dental care, hearing, and other supplemental insurance.