The AARP website offers an easy way to find a healthcare specialist in your area through the MyAARPMedicare.com appointment planner, which considers both location and coverage by plan when giving appointments recommendations for you.


The latest edition of the site is a one-stop-shop to find information on all clinics. You can use these professionals for any service, from hearing tests and hair transplants to routine checkups and skin treatment. The online screening test will help you assess your level of hearing with just five minutes’ worth of questions that are tailored specifically for you!

If you have Medicare and are a hearing aid recipient, MyAARPMedicare can offer coverage for your needs. We also provide some of the most expected rates on all leading brands to ensure accessibility for our customers.

  • You can save up to 20% on hearing aids
  • Registered members are allowed to take a free hearing test
  • There is a 90-day free risk trial for the members
  • Get modern hearing aids with free cleansing trial
  • Up to 3+ years guarantee from the manufacturer’s
  • Members will get Long-term to follow for the next one year freely.
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Hear the benefits of being an AARP member, and get a hearing exam with your local clinic. They offer discounts on services for those who are members of this organization, including discounted rates on audiology exams. The program also focuses on providing help to seniors with some degree of hearing loss to continue living independently in their homes or communities without feeling restricted by this impairment.

The study found that individuals with hearing aids are less likely to feel separate from society than those without. While 30% of people who have a dilemma like losing their hearing and do not wear ear protection felt cut off, only 22% did when wearing them.

Social interaction is vital for physical and mental health. People can live independently after the age of 50, which leaves them illness and significant diseases.

The AARP Foundation has found that social media is detrimental to the well-being of people and their relationships. To combat this, they have been conducting studies recently to find ways for our online information isn’t as private as we would hope it was.